Increasing Testosterone With Compound Lifts 1

Increasing Testosterone With Compound Lifts

Are you looking to boost testosterone naturally?

It will all come down to your lifestyle and the approach you take to workouts. Too many people want to see natural growth, but won’t be able to because they’re not putting in the effort to do their homework and see what works and what does not.

This read is going to dissect what a person should be thinking about when it pertains to testosterone levels in the short and long-term. This information is going to be beneficial.

Testosterone Can Increase With Proper Workouts

Let’s begin with the purpose of this read. You’re looking to boost testosterone naturally and will now be wondering what is going to work and what won’t. This is a good question to ask because you need a starting point to work with as soon as possible.

This is where proper workouts are the way to go.

If you want a foundation to be set, you need to start looking at working out because it is going to put the body into a mode where it requires higher testosterone levels. When you’re not doing this, you are going to encourage the body to stagnate and forget about these hormones because they’re of no use to it.

The worst thing a person can do is let this happen because getting your levels up will not be as easy as it would be for those who take action right away. Now, you will understand working out is a must, but how do you approach this in the right way?

This is where the rest of the read is going to help you out in understanding the beauty of compound lifts and weight lifting in general for testosterone levels. You will realize this is the way to go.

Defining Compound Lifts

Compound lifts are exercises where you’re using multiple muscle groups at the same time. You will be contracting a higher amount of muscles at any given point during the movement, which gets the blood pumping faster and in turn increases testosterone levels.

The goal is to avoid isolation exercises because they work on singular muscles and that’s not worth it.

You want to get a “bang for your buck” type deal, and that occurs when you start doing heavy lifting and using compound lifts to help your body and it’s ability to boost testosterone naturally.

Bench Press

The first exercise that has to be looked at would be the “bench press”. This is one of the staple chest exercises for those who are seeking to develop a fuller and rounder chest. It is a robust solution and enables you to lift a lot of weight over your chest.

This is a compound lift and will help with your testosterone.

You are going to be working multiple muscles at the same time which are going to include the chest, triceps, shoulders, and traps. It all comes together to help bolster your ability to carry more weight in the long-term.

Now, with the bench press, you’re not going to have one option in front of you. There are three variations at play, which you should be looking to rotate through on any given chest day. These variations are going to include decline bench press, incline bench press, plus the regular bench press.

Look to mix them up to gain better results and keep the body guessing. When you do this, you will notice the body is going to grow faster, and your testosterone levels will also start to soar into the stratosphere as you want. It’ll become even better when you increase bench press numbers and push that bench press workout to the next level.


The next compound lift is going to involve the back. This would be your deadlifts.

For those who want to pick up heavy weights and put them down, you will appreciate deadlifts more than anything else. It is one of the most natural movements you’re going to see in the gym because everyone picks up items off the floor during the day.

Just the simple act of picking up your groceries is an act similar to deadlifts.

Testosterone levels shoot up because deadlifts are a compound movement, which tax the central nervous system and get it revving on all cylinders. You will notice the boost overtime.

You will have multiple deadlift variations with this movement as well with some going with a wide stance sumo deadlift and others focusing on the regular deadlift (shoulders’ width apart) based on their needs. This is a high-grade option for those who want to increase their levels in a hurry.

This is an insane back workout, and once you get your deadlift grip in place, you will enjoy the value you get out of it.


This is the final exercise and one of the best when it comes to testosterone. When you put weight on your back and squat down, you’re going to be working almost every part of your body at the same time. This is one of the best (and worst) feelings in the world as you go through the workout.

Squats are great because they push the body hard and work out the legs and core at the same time.

Multi-joint exercises are better than isolation exercises, which is why squats have to be up there as the best. You will also see people talk about lunges and they work like a charm too. Whether it is lunges or squat, you can’t go wrong if they’re included in your workouts as compound movements.

Benefits Of Testosterone For Muscle Building

Whether it is easy chest workout or heavy chest exercises, you want to see growth in the muscle. With testosterone, you can heal faster after you’ve worked out and that’s going to help you lift more over time. You will never feel fatigued, and that’s why people pursue this natural boost.

Now, the beauty of life is, you’re not going to revolve around one solution. Increasing testosterone is all about using a multitude of options and combining them together to see quality results. Many people will use natural aphrodisiacs (such as Tongkat Ali) to boost their testosterone levels as well.

It can be a highly effective solution for those who want an organic option that is easy to consume and won’t get in the way of your day-to-day routine.

Look towards muscle building and natural aphrodisiacs as a way to push forward and boost testosterone naturally.

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