7 Protein Rich Foods For Muscle Building

7 Protein Rich Foods For Muscle Building

There are many reasons why bodybuilding enthusiasts are obsessed with protein. The most basic reason for that is the absolute necessity of this benevolent micronutrient to repair and build the muscles. Protein also plays a vital role in revving fat burning metabolism which helps in reducing the hunger pangs. In addition to this, protein works to slow down the release of carbohydrate in the bloodstream that prevents a sudden spike in the blood sugar which is known for encouraging the fat storage and also sagging your energy levels.

Those who are into active muscle include ensuring seek to have 1gm of protein per pound of their body weight to maintain their physique. Though there are ways to reach this lofty amount like adding protein powder to your diet, you must have your grocery basket filled with high protein foods as well. Unfortunately, while shopping for protein-rich foods, you will see a lot of processed foods that may hinder your fitness gains, but you must stick to your goal.

To help you in your goal to invest in the best possible sources of protein for your diet, we have made a list of 7 protein-rich foods that you can rely upon for your protein wallop.

Here are the seven protein rich foods to meet your daily protein needs.

1. Greek Yogurt

14gm protein per ½ cup serving

Made by striating all the liquid away from the curd, the Greek yogurt is about two times richer in protein as compared to the regular version. Add to it all the gut-friendly probiotic bacteria it is rich in and the bone-building calcium; surely you are in for a true protein treat. Also, plain Greek yogurt has at least three times lesser sugar than any of its flavored versions.

2. Eggs

6gm protein in one large egg

Eggs have always been touted as the nearly perfect food for muscle building. As per the research, the biological value, i.e. the amount of protein that food can give to the body, is much higher in an egg as compared to any other grocery product that you may pick. The biological value also indicates some amino acids available in the food and our mighty egg wins in that department too. However, when purchasing eggs, just be extra careful to buy those who are beefed up with omega-3 fatty acids so that you can work even harder in the morning.

3. Ground Beef (95% Lean)

18gm protein per 3oz serving

Replacing your red meat with 90 percent ground beef will provide you the enough amount of fat that will maintain the taste of your burger and meatloaf just the same. Apart from providing the right amount protein, the ground beef is also rich in creatine. If you can pay some extra bucks for your protein requirements, then buy grass fed beef as it is more nutrient dense as compared to your farm fed versions.

4. Chicken Breast (Boneless & Skinless)

24gm protein per 3oz serving

A staple in the diet of a bodybuilder, this particular poultry cut provides more amount of protein than any of the other option you may consider. This should always make to your grocery list for your delicious dose of protein. If you want to get hands on the best poultry from the market, then make sure you maintain a good camaraderie with the meat guy in your area.

5. Sockeye Salmon

23gm protein per 3oz serving

The sockeye salmon tastes thousand times better than your regular salmon and has 25 percent more protein than its farmed cousin. In addition to this, you get to enjoy the plethora of fat fighting long chain amega3 fatty acids that you get from the sockeye salmon. When shopping, look for salmon with skin as it gives better flavor during cooking.

6. Lentils

13gm protein per 1/4th cup serving

If you are not much into mean and eggs, then the dry lentils can be an excellent way to add some protein in your diet through food. Along with protein, the lentils are an excellent source of fiber and vitamin minerals needed by the body.  Lentils do not need to be pre-soaked. Thus you can simply simmer them until tender and enjoy the delicious meal. You can add diced vegetables t your lentil meal for additional taste and flavor.

7. Mixed Nuts

6gm protein per 2oz serving

Ditch that packet of chips and nibble on nuts like peanuts, almonds, and cashews to not only ward off extra fat and calories but also to add more protein to your diet in the crunchier way ever. These nuts come packed with unsaturated fats which make them an essential for your daily diet. However, opt for unsalted one’s to keep your sodium intake in check.

These seven amazing protein rich foods are easily available in the market, and you can buy them with your monthly grocery shopping without pinching your monthly budget.

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