8 Easy 10-minute Exercises You Can Do at Work 1

8 Easy 10-minute Exercises You Can Do at Work

The times we live in offers us many advantages. One of them is the ability to just sit in one place and work away without having to put in a lot of physical effort. Gone are the days when work meant slogging away, doing the heavy lifting and pushing our body to the limit, but it is not all sunshine and roses. The disadvantage of such a lifestyle is that it expends minimal energy. Most of our muscles are not used and because of which there isn’t proper blood flow to them and they become weaker.

Add to that the schedules we have to keep, which means that there is little to no time left to join a full-time gym.

We also don’t want to get home all tired after a workout. That doesn’t mean we have to kiss our health goodbye and just hope for the best. You can still take care of your body by doing these exercises or deskercise as they are popularly known. These don’t require any particular types of equipment, and they can be done right at your desk. Now I know you don’t want to appear silly. So I will rate each exercise on a secretive index so that you have an idea as to how aware your co-workers will be of you working out.

1.) Shrugs:

8 Easy 10-minute Exercises You Can Do at Work 2
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  1. Sit straight
  2. Rest your palm on your thighs
  3. Lift both your shoulders up and hold this position for as long as possible
  4. Return to the natural resting position slowly
  5. Repeat this as many times as you can
  6. Area Targeted: Shoulders and upper back

Ease: 4/5

Secretive index: 2/5


2.) Neck workout:

8 Easy 10-minute Exercises You Can Do at Work 3
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  1. Sit straight and look forward
  2. Tilt your head to one side while still looking forward
  3. Bring your head back to its natural position slowly
  4. Repeat by tilting your head to the opposite side

Area Targeted: Neck

Ease: 5/5

Secretive index: 3/5


3.) Ankle stretch:

8 Easy 10-minute Exercises You Can Do at Work 4

One of the least exercised parts of our body in an office situation are our legs. This exercise will make sure your legs stay in good shape.

  1. Lift one leg off the floor and hold it parallel to the floor
  2. Stretch your ankle forward and hold for a few seconds
  3. Slowly bring your leg back down
  4. Repeat with other leg and keep alternating
  5. Area Targeted: Ankles, calves, and thighs

Ease: 3/5

Secretive index: 5/5


4.) Ab Flex:

While it won’t give you a set of 6 pack abs, this exercise will ensure you have good core strength and flexibility.

  1. Hold your hands behind your head while sitting straight
  2. Twist your body just above the waist till you are facing sideways and hold for a few seconds.
  3. Return to your starting position and twist the other way
  4. Repeat 8-10 times
  5. Area targeted: Abs and lower back

Ease: 2/5

Secretive index: 3.5/5


5.): Leg Raise

8 Easy 10-minute Exercises You Can Do at Work 5

Another exercise to keep your legs healthy while burning up considerable amounts of calories.

  1. Sit straight and lift your leg with the knee bent.
  2. Lift as high as you can and hold for a few seconds.
  3. Gently return to your starting position and repeat with the other leg.
  4. Keep alternating with both legs for as long as you can

Area Targeted: Thighs and Glutes

Ease: 1/5

Secretive index: 2.5/5


6.) Light weight training:

You can use a bottle of water or a ream of paper, basically anything that weighs a few pounds.

  1. Hold the weight in your hand and stretch it out till your hand is parallel to the ground.
  2. Gently raise your hand all the way to the top and hold
  3. Come back slowly.
  4. Keep repeating this with one hand till it becomes tired and then do the same with the other hand,

Area Targeted: Shoulder and arms

Ease: 4/5

Secretive index: 1.5/5


7.) Glute squeeze:

The glutes are the largest muscles in our body. It is the muscle that makes up you butt and is highly important in providing a good posture and lower body strength.

  1. Sit up straight
  2. Squeeze your glutes and hold for as long as you can
  3. Relax a few seconds and repeat.

Area Targeted: Glutes and lower back

Ease: 4/5

Secretive index: 5/5


8.) Breathing exercise:

It might sound silly, but just by breathing a little rapidly, you can strengthen your lungs and the diaphragm while also increasing your metabolism.

  1. Inhale in as much as you can
  2. Hold your breath for as long as you can and then exhale very slowly
  3. Repeat a few times.
  4. Area Targeted: Chest and cardiovascular system

Ease: 5/5

Secretive index: 5/5

Apart from these dedicated exercises, there are some minor changes you can bring about that will help your health immensely in the long run. Elevators have spoilt us, and it just seems ludicrous to take the stairs unless it is an emergency. What if I told you that climbing stairs burn more calories than running or jogging for the same duration? So next time take the stairs or at least get out of the elevator a few floors earlier and take the stairs if you have too many floors to cover.

Don’t sit at your desk the whole day. Now and then get up and take a stroll. Meet your co-workers or have a drink. Instead of emailing or using lM, meet the person in question and deliver the message personally. Use every opportunity to take a short walk. Stand up regularly as standing burns more calories than sitting.

Eat healthy too. Don’t consume food high in calories, instead eat food with more fiber and drink water regularly. Try these for a few days and trust me, all your health issues will start to vanish. You won’t feel tired all the time. You won’t stay up at night because you are not sleepy and all those pains and cramps will just disappear. All this seems like a very small price to pay for the immense health benefits you get in return. Stay healthy the smart way and utilize your after office hours for the better things in life such as having a great time with your family or doing something you love. A happy, healthy and long life awaits you.








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