Review: MyProtein Iso:Pro 97 Whey Protein Isolate

Today sees the last in our three product reviews from MyProtein (check out the Nutri Greens review and the Creatine review if you missed them), where we’ll be looking at Iso:Pro 97 whey protein isolate.

We’ve already covered the benefits of introducing whey protein into your diet, particularly if you’re exercising regularly. For a quick overview check out our beginners’ guide to whey protein, of for a more detailed look at the benefits have a look at our complete guide.

There are a few key differences between the Iso:Pro 97 and the standard whey protein isolate product – the Iso:Pro 97 has 97% protein per serving (compared with 90% for Impact Whey), is completely free from carbohydrates and is rich in BCAA’s and Leucine. It’s also free from lactose, making it a better option for those that are a little sensitive to lactose and the… unpleasant side effects that go along with it.

The addition of BCAA’s the whey is pretty useful, it’s something I usually add to my shakes anyway so it’s a minor time saver on that front. Overall, it’s just a more complete protein supplement than many of the others I’ve tried over the past few years and seems to be worth the slight increase in price over the Impact whey.

As with the other MyProtein powdered supplements, the Iso:Pro 97 mixes well in both water and milk and it’s genuinely tasteless, so it’s perfect for my usual pre and post workout shakes. It’s a great fit for anyone looking for a good low-carb whey (take note, keto people) and will be something I’m adding to my supplement shelf.

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