6 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight  in A Healthy Way 1

6 Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight in A Healthy Way

There is no secret to weight loss.

For decades, scientists and doctors have told us that, to lose weight, you need to eat less calories than you burn.

They’re right.

Despite what many popular diets tell you, it’s how much you eat and not what you eat that makes you lose weight.

Keto, paleo, weight watchers, low carb, you name it. They all have you eating at a caloric deficit one way or another, either by cutting certain foods out of your diet, making you feel full for longer, making you count points and so on.

You can even lose weight eating nothing but Twinkies!

Of course, that’s not healthy in the slightest, which is why we’ve compiled a short list of foods that will help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Let’s get started!


1.- Tea

Tea is an excellent food for weight loss, not because of its healthy properties but because it can help you cut out sugary drinks from your diet.

If you don’t like drinking plain water, you can make a pitcher of iced tea using your favorite blend and drink that instead!

Just make sure not to add too much sugar or sugar substitutes.


2.- Zucchini

Zucchini can be cooked in multiple ways and they’re all delicious. However, there’s one way to cook zucchini that triumphs over everything else.

Zucchini noodles!

Zucchini noodles are an excellent way of replacing pasta in a variety of dishes, which will save you a bunch of calories day to day.

If you’re not ready to do the switch, you can go half pasta / half zucchini noodles, which will have a similar effect.

Best of all, you don’t even need to give up pasta entirely. You can eat zucchini noodles during the weekdays and save the real stuff for the weekend.


3.- Whole Grains

While whole grains have roughly the same number of calories than processed grains, and even more in some cases.

However, they can help you feel full for longer, which means you’ll eat less in the long run.

Try switching from white bread to brown bread or other whole-grain kinds. You’ll notice a difference in no time!


4.- Tofu

Tofu is not only a wonderful, cruelty-free, alternative to meat but it’s also a fantastic source of protein.

By switching to tofu, not only will you be consuming less calories –which will lead to weight loss– but you’ll also be doing something good for your body, as tofu can help you lower your bad cholesterol while providing you with flavonoids and healthy antioxidants.

Better yet, using tofu instead of animal proteins can help you improve your cardiovascular health. The taste of tofu is really delicious.


5.- Bananas

Bananas are one of the most popular “health foods” out there and with good reason!

Not only are they healthy and a very convenient snack, but they’re a great source of potassium and fiber while being relatively low in calories, with a single medium banana scoring around 100.

While higher in calories than other fruits, bananas have an unique property that will make you love them… they can be turned into ice cream!

That’s right, cut a banana in pieces, freeze then and run them through a food processor. Add some vanilla extract while the processor is running and you’re good to go!

Delicious and healthy ice cream with only two ingredients and less than half the calories of your regular ice cream.



6.-  Mozzarella Cheese

With only 80 calories per ounce, this cheese is one of the best when it comes to weight loss.

Consider using it instead of other cheeses in dishes like pasta and instead of cream cheese in desserts, such as cheesecake.

The best thing about this?

You can find plenty of vegan mozzarella cheese recipes out there, all delicious and easy to make. Don’t worry, the mozzarella cheese is gluten-free.

Remember, none of these foods will magically lead to weight loss. You won’t lose weight if you add them to your diet and keep eating as usual.

Take a “eat this instead of that” approach and use these foods as low-calorie substitutes for others so you can eat less calories than you’re used to.

Calories In Calories Out (CICO) is one of the most reliable ways of losing weight out there and this short list will make the process easier on you.

Thanks for reading!


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