New Smartphone App Tells You When You’re Burning Fat

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Health technology is progressing at a pretty impressive rate, and the popularity of smartphones means you can track pretty much every aspect of your diet and workout and have it with you at all times. Other tech like the Fitbit can track everything from your sleep patterns to the distance you’ve covered when you’re out for a run, and the gamification of health and fitness seems to be getting more and more popular.

The latest development in smartphone health tech comes from Domoco, the biggest mobile phone provider in Japan. Their new peripheral device works a little like a breathalyzer, and it can actually tell if you are burning fat by monitoring the acetone levels when you breathe out.

Acetone is produced when the body burns fat, entering the bloodstream and eventually making its way to the lungs. It has traditionally required some fairly high-level lab equipment to monitor how much acetone is in the blood, but Domoco appear to have solved this issue with their latest gadget.

Users simply need to breathe into the device, which works with a smartphone app to help make sense of the data. If the body is actively burning fat the app will display a little fat-burning graphic alongside a message of encouragement.


Real-time feedback

One thing about diet and fitness that’s tough to deal with, particularly for those who are new to exercise, is seeing results quickly. Fat loss can sometimes take weeks to really show, and it can become disheartening if you’ve been working hard and aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for.
Smartphones really do look like becoming a huge part of the health and fitness world over the next couple of years. We can already track everything we eat with apps like My Fitness Pal, log all our workouts, and join fitness communities to keep motivated and get advice from other people looking to better themselves. Getting instant feedback that tells you if your training is having an impact could make a big difference for some people. If you know that you’re burning fat and that you’re on the right track it’s much easier to keep turning up at the gym every day, and I think it’ll help keep people motivated for much longer.

As technology continues to improve you have to assume that we’ll be able to do more and more amazing things with these devices, and personally I’m really excited to see what comes out next. Devices like the Domoco fat-burning monitor show that there’s a ton of potential, and it’s not unreasonable to think that there’ll be apps that can recommend highly personalised, specific workouts based on your current physical condition and eventual fitness goals.

Advancements in health technology could have a huge impact on how people live, eat and exercise in the future. I think we’re at a pretty exciting turning point and I can’t wait for the next wave of tools and apps.


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