Our Best Workout Motivation Tips 1

Our Best Workout Motivation Tips

Our motivation to work out skyrockets whenever there’s a large summer event or a vacation we’ve been planning for months. But this event-related type of motivation quickly dries out and people go back to their lazy usual selves. Some people end up abandoning their healthier lifestyles before they’ve even begun practicing it. Our bodies need regular exercise regardless of the season and taking a healthy mental approach to getting in shape is far more efficient and long-lasting than burning ourselves out for a couple of weeks, only to revert back and lose all progress we’ve made.

Set specific training goals

When it comes to setting workout goals, being very specific with your objectives is extremely important. The only catch is that you have to set realistic goals, or else you’re preparing yourself for failure without even realizing it. Avoid making general goals such as getting slimmer or losing weight and try to be as specific as possible. If you wish to lose 10 pounds, then your goals should be 2 pounds per week until you’ve slimmed down. Unrealistic goals tend to kill motivation quickly, but have in mind that goals that are too easy to achieve can result in boredom.

Create a workout plan

Depending on the type of goal you set for yourself, there are numerous ways of you can execute it. Whether it’s a specialized weight-loss plan or training plan for the gym, any goal can be achieved by creating a plan and sticking to it. If you haven’t worked out in a while, set achievable daily goals and pace yourself. Alternatively, you can hire a professional trainer in order to create a personalized workout plan, but have in mind that these can get quite expensive. Making a nutritional plan might be far less expensive, but by no means less important.

Use a buddy system

Maintaining a high level of motivation day after day can be challenging, to say the least. One of the most efficient ways of sustaining workout motivation over prolonged periods of time is to set up a buddy system. It’s much easier to get out of bed when you know your workout friend is waiting for you than it is when you have to exercise alone. Besides, it’s harder to lose motivation when you have someone who keeps you accountable.

Create a playlist for working out

For most athletes and those who cycle, jog or workout regularly, music is crucial for achieving peak performance and enjoying a satisfying workout. The reason behind this is that music has a tendency to distract us from fatigue and muscle pain, it elevates our mood and increases endurance. Of course, there are those who prefer audio books, talk shows and podcasts, but the majority of people who exercise prefer high-energy beats and motivational lyrics to get them through the toughest of exercises.

Record your progress

Maintaining a training diary, logbook or any type of schedule regarding gym visits, cycling, running or swimming times will not only help you remain focused but also allow you to keep track of the progress you’ve made. Seeing the numbers go down, or up, depending on what you’re trying to achieve is an excellent way to stay motivated and keep a close eye on your workout regime. Furthermore, measuring results provides you with additional motivation focused towards you improving upon and surpassing your previous result.

Avoid overtraining

This is the single most common mistake almost everyone makes when they start training. People either set their goals too high or they increase the intensity or duration of their exercise too quickly. This results in our bodies experiencing physical trauma and stress faster than they can regenerate and repair the damage. Gradually increasing the workout intensity is beneficial, however, doing it too quickly can only produce adverse effects.

Get the right exercise gear

The simple act of changing into your gym clothes can actually put you in the right mood for exercise. Our brains associate and group things together for convenience and that’s how habits are created. Whether it’s putting on your favorite running shoes, gym shorts or bodybuilding clothing, getting into the right gym clothes can be a strong motivator and an ideal way of getting yourself into the right mindset. You don’t have to go all out and burn a hole through your pocket for a pair of shorts, but at the same time, you should avoid getting a cheap one made of plastic and synthetic materials.

Getting motivated to work out day after day can be difficult. There are days when we simply don’t have the energy to get out of bed, let alone go outside for a run or hit the gym for a weight-lifting session. However, following these simple tips will surely help you get on the right track and remain focused and motivated throughout. Remember, a good exercise is beneficial for both body and mind, but overtraining can only have a negative impact. Pace yourself, don’t give up and soon you’ll have that perfect beach bod you’ve always wanted.

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