How to Fight Demotivation and Depression

How to Fight Demotivation and Depression

The human mind is one the biggest mysteries in the universe. Even a person him/herself cannot completely understand the intricate processes that go into making them who they are. Most of us don’t pay all that much attention towards our mind’s health.

This makes your mind the most neglected part of your body.

The strain of life and all that it entails can often cause the mind to shut down; when that happens it can be difficult to overcome the difficulties that can appear.

You will no longer be productive.

Your creativity will die.

And you won’t be making any plans.

You will be one of the hundreds of millions of people dealing with demotivation and in the clutches of depression. Reasons that cause depression and demotivation vary extensively. Stressful habits, broken heart, financial struggle, diseases, etc. are some of the reasons people can become a target of depression.

Factors of Demotivation and Depression

Coping with the factors of depression is made more difficult by the fact that one is seriously lacking the motivation to bring oneself out of it. Some of the most common factors are detailed below, with ways on how one can fight them.

Remove Societal Pressures

Societies expectations can have you reeling at times and trying to keep up with them will certainly put added stress on your mind.

Try to meet all the expectations of the world around you – dressing a certain way, speaking a certain way, making a certain amount of money, etc. – can put one in a downward spiral of depression. You will have to deal with the constant anxiety of not fulfilling the requirements expected of you.

Lying and putting on different faces becomes a norm.

You have to train your mind to be at peace with not living up to society’s standards. Find happiness in the way that you are and the work that you do. Self-respect creates the confidence you need to demand respect from others.

When you remove the pressures of society from your mind, you will have better a handle on your motivation and depression.

Professional Aspirations

About three-quarters of the world’s population feel that they haven’t achieved their professional goals. Many people feel like failures for not being as successful in their jobs as some of their peers.

These ideas give birth to the feelings of failure that lead a person towards depression and demotivation.

You will not want to give your best when you know that you will not get success; losing your will to work is a terrible thing. You will be lethargic and fed up with your job. This situation requires drastic action before you get stuck in a loop of depression.

If you aren’t happy with the work you are doing, then change your job. Do something you love even if it pays you less, you’ll be happier for it. If you aren’t getting the promotion you deserve, then let your concerns be heard. Don’t keep them inside because they will lead to depression for certain.

Family Heat

No one can stress a person out more than his/her family.

What will you study?

Which career will you choose?

How much money will you make?

These are just a few of the questions that you family will put up to you regularly. You will be spending a quite a lot of time looking for answers to these questions. When you can’t, it will cause stress of all kinds.

Feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, etc. can take over because you feel like a disappointment. Don’t fall into this depression trap. Choose your own path and explain to your family that they need to be supportive.

Your mind and heart will be better if you take a stand against your loved ones.

Fighting Demotivation and Depression

There are many more factors that can remove one’s motivation and there are some methods that one can apply to fight depression, these are:


Let your voice be heard. If you are not going to communicate about the feelings that are stressing you out, then you will not be able to get out of the funk you are in.

You need to connect with people and communicating with them is the key. Look for inspiration in people, fight the feelings of jealousy and anger. You can even go out and meet new people, share ideas, ask for solutions and open your mind to the suggestions they give.


Any kind of exercise can be hugely beneficial. The activity you take up can aid the release of chemicals that are good for your mind. Exercise releases the tension that is building up in your muscles.

You can take up a sport or join a gym and take up boxing to get the juices flowing. When you are able to punch your troubles away, it’s very de-stressing.

Yoga has also been known to help people with depression and demotivation issues. Simply stretching at home can ease the anxiety and frustration that you are carrying in your mind and body. Exercise also releases negative energy inside your body and fills you with positive energy.

Make time in your schedule for exercise. Find a gym buddy to help motivate you to go and be active.


Reading can turn your mind away from everything that you are dealing with in the real world. It can stoke your creativity and spark your imagination. When you are deep in the pages of your favorite fantasy novel, your depression level should go down automatically.

Final Word

No matter what situation you are in, remember that you are the one in control of your mind. Never let depression, anxiety and demotivation take over. Make changes, change your habits, become more active physically and engage your mind, and you will be able to fight any type of depression and demotivation you are dealing with.

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