How to Fight Demotivation and Depression 7

Our Best Workout Motivation Tips

Our motivation to work out skyrockets whenever there’s a large summer event or a vacation we’ve been planning for months. But this event-related type of motivation quickly dries out and people go back to their lazy usual selves. Some people end up abandoning their healthier lifestyles before they’ve even begun practicing it. Our bodies need […]

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How to Fight Demotivation and Depression 8

5 Exercises to Improve Your Posture

To cure the constant ache in my upper back and neck, I have tried expensive massages, heated balms, and muscle stimulation therapy, but apparently, I should have just stood up straight. In a New York Times article, Professor Amy Cuddy calls this affliction the iHunch. While I like to pretend that I don’t look at my phone […]

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